About Me

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Polical Science and Government in 2014, I had no clue what I wanted in life or a career. I worked my way up to the title of project manager at the first company I worked for and then moved on to being a business analyst/quality assurance specialist, but still, I yearned for a new challenge.

As time went on, I considered my options: pursuing my law degree, finding a new job, or changing careers altogether. Eventually, after lamenting over my dilemma with a close friend, she asked, "Have you ever considered coding?" I cocked an eyebrow quizzically, "Don't you need a crazy amount of school for that?" I asked. She then proceeded to explain how diverse coding has become, how different backgrounds are constantly welcome and, most importantly, she gave me all the resources I could ask.

That was the day I became curious about this whole "coding thing". At the beginning of 2018, I barely knew the difference between front end and back end development. Thanks to heaps of meet-ups, in-person and online courses, and web searches I gained knowledge of programming and knew I wanted to dive in.

And so, in September of 2018, I started down a path which was notorious for its highs and lows; I resigned myself to a future of frustration-fueled tears being followed by victorious laughter...I signed up for a Coding Bootcamp.

Oh what a ride it has been. And you know what? I love it.


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